School Learning Plan

Valleyview Secondary as a Learning Organization.

Valleyview's school goals are aligned with the OECD Principles of Learning, a body of research synthesized to create transversal "principles" that guide the development of learning environments for the 21st century. Based on the feedback from our students, two of these principles have been identified as our focus. We believe that if we concentrate on these two, we can improve learning and achievement for all of your students so that all will cross the stage with dignity, purpose and options.  Click HERE to learn more 

Goal #1: Putting learners at the centre:

  • Learners are the central players in the environment and therefore activities centre on their cognition and growth.
  • Learning activities allow students to construct their learning through engagement and active exploration.
  • This calls for a mix of pedagogies, which include guided and action approaches, as well as cooperative, inquiry-based, and service learning.
  • The environment aims to develop "self-regulated", who:
    • develop meta-cognitive skills
    • monitor, evaluate and optimize the acquisition and use of knowledge
    • regulate their emotions and motivations during the learning process
    • manage study time well
    • set higher specific and personal goals, and are able to monitor them. 

Goal #2: Building horizontal connections:

  • A key feature of learning is that complex knowledge structures are built up by organizing more basic pieces of knowledge in a hierarchical way. If well-constructed, such structure provide understanding that can transfer to new situations- a critical competency in the 21st century.
  • The ability for learners to see connections and "horizontal connectedness" is also important between the formal learning environment and the wider environment and society. The "authentic learning" this promotes also fosters deeper understanding.  

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