Social Media Awareness

Posted On Monday September 26, 2022

Presented by Steven MacDonald, Trainer/Senior Threat Analyst – Safer Schools Together

As a parent, you lead the charge as a digital role model. Help your child develop a strong digital citizenship foundation while reminding them that their digital tattoo reflects their real and online selves. Your child in Middle/High School has now entered the peak of their digital media lives where cell phone ownership doubles, video game use explodes, and social media use becomes problematic. Parents have an important role to play in providing support and guidance during critical pe­riods. This session will cover recommendations for family rules, parental controls, family tech plans, as well as suggestions for monitoring your tween/teen’s digital life. A snapshot of current trends and concerning apps will be provided to equip you in your digital parenting strategy.

  • Social Media Update - The most current apps and trends in your children’s social media lives
  • Digital Parenting Strategy - How to have important conversations with your child around social media safety
  • Digital Footprint and Reputation - With their future approaching, recruiters and employers are taking note - What will they find?
  • Family Tech Plan - Recommendations for family guidelines and parental controls

This free session will be held at the Henry Grube Education Centre on Tuesday, October 4, from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. If you are interested in attending, please register here.

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